January – February, 2018

Don’t forget to access the Sermon Podcast for those who missed Sunday Services.  

Mid-week Bible Study every Wednesday at 7PM is on again.  There is another Bible Study time, Sundays at 10AM if you cannot make the Wednesday sessions. 

Lenten Services will begin Wednesday, February 14.  Bible study will be on hold until after Easter.
Come join us!

Sundays after services the Pastor will be holding catechism classes for those who are interested.


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  Our Prayer Circle has not been very active. Much can be accomplished with prayer. If you have the need for additional prayers in your life or in the life of your loved ones and friends, please contact Pastor Mueller at (502) 345-4203 to initiate the Prayer Circle.  All prayers will be strictly confidential unless instructed otherwise. 

Fundraising Events:

Krogers will donate 4% of ALL sales to Risen Lord when you use Kroger card.  To get your money assigned to Risen Lord, you must do so by entering the information online at www.kroger.com or at the Krogers Help desk.  For further instructions call the number located on the back of your card, or see Adele Kleinhenz.

This is a great fundraiser!

Opportunity to serve!!

*  We are in need of a couple of volunteers to help clean the church once a month.  cleaning4 If you’re able and willing to help with this task, please see Michael Springfield. 

*  Someone is needed to update our church sign when needed.

* Someone is needed to help set up communion once a month. 

* Someone is needed to put pencils and envelopes in pews each week.

* Someone is needed to help with the youth activities.

 * We need volunteers to bring snacks for fellowship after Sunday service.   If you wish to help out, please sign the sign-up sheet in the fellowship hall.  If you wish to sign up for one Sunday each month, please see Karen Woodrich or Dee Carnes.

We are updating the pictures on the fellowship board.  If you have not had your picture taken, or would like an updated one, please see Marie.


An ETERNAL candle burns constantly in the sanctuary to represent the true presence of God’s spirit in our church.  Candles can be dedicated by you to commemorate an event or loved one.  The candles burn for one week and each on is $5.  There is a signup sheet in the fellowship hall near the announcement board.  Funds should be put in an envelope and placed in the collection plate – designated for the Eternal Candle.  Thank you for supporting this special program.